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Aviation English (Level 4)

  • Course Description

    This course provides participants with the necessary knowledge in English to the ICAO level 4 standard. At the end of the course the students will achieve the certificate of ICAO English level 4.

    Course Contents

    All instruction is in English. A wide range of teaching methods and materials are used to stimulate the interest of the participants. All efforts are made in achieving an effective balance of linguistic skill (listening, reading, speaking and writing) with emphasis on clear and correct oral communication.

    This course shall include the following topics:

    • -  Aviation technical language and english comprehension
    • -  Aircraft technical knowledge
    • -  Navigation
    • -  Meteorology
    • -  Air operations - general
    • -  Navigation aids
    • -  Air traffic services - general
    • -  Air traffic services - operational
    • -  Communications
    • -  Aerodrome control procedures
    • -  Non-Radar approach
    • -  Radar control

    Performance Objectives

    • -  To improve understanding of the technical English used by pilots and controllers.
    • -  To introduce and explain the terminology and abbreviations used within the aviation environment.
    • -  To provide a general understanding of ATS operations and procedures.
    • -  This course is considered essential for pilots and ATC personnel.
    • - Trainees should have good oral and written command of the English language.
    • -  This course has a duration of 4 weeks.
    This course has been submitted to General Civil Aviation Authority ( GCAA ) and waiting for approval.
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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