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Aviation Management

  • Course Description
    This course is designed to provide necessary knowledge and an understanding of communications principles, human behavior factors and responsibilities at managerial level in an Operation Room Environment.
    Course Contents
    • -  Management and communication
    • -  Risk management
    • -  Develop quality inspection checklist
    • -  Construct briefings
    • -  Total quality management
    • -  SIGINT resource management
    • -  OPS Room Management
    • - This course is considered vital for staff officers, engineering officers, safety program managers, mission-control personnel responsible for battlefield management.
    • -  Good command of English is essential.
    • -  Duration of the course is 2 weeks.
    This course has been approved by General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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