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Determining Aircraft Ground Times / Aviation Safety and Security Ground Times

  • Course Description

    This course takes an over view of the IATA Airport Handling Manual ( AHM ) and focuses on how to set an aircraft minimum ground time along with its advantages and disadvantages. Aircraft ground times are established with the involvement of different departments of an airline / airport / ground handlers that will be described in the course. It will help full service carriers to reduce costs and low cost carriers to minimise their ground times further; resulting in the reduction of operational costs.

    Course Contents
    The course will cover the following subjects:

    • Aircraft ground times
    • Involvement of planning and scheduling department
    • Airport services
    • Dispatch
    • Schedule Transit / Turnaround Ground Times
    • Minimum Transit / Turnaround Ground Times
    • Aircraft time line
    • The Critical Path
    • Coordination and cooperation of various departments
    • On time performance
    • Availability of resources
    • Technical capabilities
    • Facility capability
    • Type of load
    • Time personnel need to perform a task
    • Working conditions
    • Maintenance requirements
    • Catering requirements
    • Cleaning requirements
    • Fleet utilization
    • Airport ATC slots
    • Quality of services
    • This is a course that is both for frontline staff as well as senior management. Accounts departments of airlines and handling agents can benefit from this course by having the knowledge of what goes on at the airport during the handling process as well as what equipment are used. The requirement of a high school diploma is a must along with an understanding of the English language.
    • This course has a duration of 3 days.
    This course has been approved by General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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