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Human Factor in Ground Operations

  • Course Description

    This course is designed to identify the Human Factor aspect of ground operation. Human Factor still plays a vital role in discrepancies in the aviation industry but a major aspect of Human Factor is on ground. It focuses on the reasons why different people in different airports make the same mistakes and gives the corrective measures we have to implement to reduce errors.

    Course Contents
    The course will cover the following subjects:

    • Human factor in airlines
    • Situational factors
    • Human error
    • The cost to the industry
    • Patterns of error
    • Scarf report
    • Airside accident reporting
    • SHEL(L) Model
    • Safety management systems
    • Safety control
    • This course is considered vital for all personnel working on the apron for both middle management and senior management. All airport entities such as ground handling agents, maintenance agents, airlines, civil aviation safety officers can benefit from this course with a minimum high school diploma requirement.
    • This course has a duration of 3 days.
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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