Aeromedical and First Aid Training

  • Course Description

    The initial Aeromedical and First Aid course will provide the candidates with an understanding of the Aviation environment and in the management of medical incidents in this remote environment. The topic of hypoxia is covered indepth.
    To provide the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage in-flight medical incidents until the medical assistance can be arranged.

    Course Contents
    • -  Aviation physiology
    • -  Physiological effects of altitude
    • -  Hypoxia
    • -  Hyperventilation
    • -  Smoke inhalation
    • -  Hygiene and food poisoning
    • -  Malaria
    • -  Initial and secondary casualty assessment
    • -  Management of unconscious casualties
    • -  Adult, child and infant resuscitation techniques
    • -  Onboard medical kits-contents and use
    • -  Medical assistance protocols
    • -  Choking management
    • -  Medical conditions management and trauma management

    Candidates must be nominated by the training department of the airline they are currently employed with.


    Course is compliant with all regulatory requirements and is GCAA approved.

    Course duration
    Two days
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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