Aircraft Accident Investigation and Management

  • Course Description

    The Aviation Management and Safety is an essential course for this program which provides general information of building an aviation safety program, prevention methodology and the economics of aviation safety in the aviation industry. It is planned as a professional capstone for many of the technical people who work or would like to work in aviation including Pilots, Maintenance technicians, Air traffic controllers, Engineers, Airport managers, Avionics specialists and others in aviation related fields. The course provides the students with a deep and broad knowledge of the history and the rapid growth of aviation and technology.

    Performance Objectives
    • -  Define the relative responsibilities and working relationships of the ICAO and the FAA in conducting an aircraft accident investigation
    • -  Establish a plan for notifying all required parties in the proper order
    • -  List and explain the procedures to be used for establishing security of a wreckage, obtaining witness statements, analyzing the wreckage determine possible causal factors, requesting technical assistance if needed, determine that all FAA responsibilities have been met, and develop a brief narrative description of the activities and results of the investigation
    • -  Describe on-site procedures such as wreckage recovery site security, body removal, wreckage documentation and wreckage release
    • -  Determine what recommendations are appropriate as a result of an accident / incident investigation regarding the aircraft, aircrew, FAA facilities, regulations, air agencies, commercial operations or air carriers
    • -  Use the latest techniques and procedures in analyzing evidence and records of an aircraft involved in an accident / incident
    • -  Compile and correlate the inspector(s) investigate findings in proper format so they are clear, concise, complete and without confusion
    • -  Appear as an expert witness in hearings and depositions with thorough knowledge of the FAA expert witness policies
    • -  This course is considered vital for Safety program managers, Field inspectors, Flight standard personnel responsible for aircraft investigation, Engineering support personnel, Military services, and Apprentice investigators who may be called to provide assistance at an accident site.
    • -  Good command of English is essential.
    • -  Duration of the course is 5 weeks.
    This course has been approved by General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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