Aircraft Accident Photography

  • Course Description

    This course provides theoretical and practical training in Aircraft Accident Photography with emphasis on basic techniques in digital and video photography.

    Course Contents
    • -  Basic equipments
    • -  Identification of pictures
    • -  Photographic priorities
    • -  Close photography
    • -  Plot a wreckage diagram
    • -  Attempt to establish the impact angle and attitude
    • -  Aircraft conditions effecting wreckage scatter
    • -  Attempt to determine aircraft configuration, speed and fuel state at impact, try to establish the condition of all major flight systems
    • -  Search for signs of in-flight fire
    • -  Observations to determine the pre-impact condition of engines
    • -  This course is considered vital for pilots, safety program managers, field inspectors, flight standard personnel responsible for aircraft accident investigation, engineering support personnel and military services.
    • -  This course has a duration of 1 week.
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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