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AVSEC Ground Operations

Course Description

This course is designed with collaboration and practices of ICAO aviation security program. All security conventions and Annex 17 is thoroughly discussed along with new regulations and high security measures in place after September 11. This course states the requirements required of member states enabling the safe transport of passengers, crew and baggage as well as property.

Course Contents
The course will cover the following subjects:

  • -  Aircraft security
  • -  Standard searching
  • -  Controlling access to aircraft
  • -  Security of aircraft not in use
  • -  General security
  • -  Security of aircrew, passengers and baggage
  • -  Security of hold baggage
  • -  Fire arms and ammunition
  • -  Searching of people and hand baggage
  • -  List of prohibited articles
  • -  Explosive ordnance device
  • -  Improvised explosive device
  • This course is considered vital for all personnel working with aviation security. Participants must be working in an airline / airport security / handling agent or civil aviation authority
  • This course has a duration of 3 days