Introduction to Dangerous Goods Regulation

  • Course Description

    This course is aimed at providing a work based awareness and subsequent training for flight and cabin crew when considering the management of dangerous goods. It will cover the general principles on the transport of dangerous goods by air and how they are applied, so that an overview of the subject is presented and a working knowledge gained.

    Course Contents

    The course will cover the following subjects:

    • Basis for the legislation
    • Limitations (in summary)
    • Aircraft passengers baggage, cargo
    • Aircraft equipment:
      • -  Airworthiness items, operating items
      • -  Passengers baggage
      • -  Cargo (in summary)
      • -  Definition of dangerous goods
      • -  Classes of dangerous goods (in summary)
      • -  Types of hazard, subsidiary risks
      • -  Packing groups (degree of danger), compatibility letter for explosives
      • -  General packing requirements
      • -  Packing instruction (example)
      • -  Package markings
      • -  Labelling of packages
      • -  Dangerous goods transport document / shippers declaration
    • Loading restrictions:
      • -  Provision of information to flight crew ( NOTOC / NOTAC )
      • -  Information in emergencies (by pilot-in-command)
    • Emergency response Information:
      • - Carriage of ICAO document, or similar, for emergency response guidance
      • -  Drill codes in ICAO document for emergency response
      • -  Reporting of dangerous goods accidents and incidents
      • -Emergency procedures (summary of main general considerations)
    • -  This course is considered vital for cockpit crew and cabin crew. All staff must be working in the mentioned position enabling them to participate in the course. Literacy in english language is a must.
    • -  This course has a duration of 1 Week
  • Location:

    Academy of Technical Training, Knowledge Village, Block 13 / G – 41, Dubai - UAE
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